The next 16-17 and June 18, 2016, organized by GEMME and IVAC be held in Donostia-San Sebastián the European Conference of “Restorative Justice and Therapeutic: towards innovative models of justice.”

Within Summer Courses of the EHU / UPV, this Conference aims to stimulate an interdisciplinary and transversal debate on innovative collaborative models of care for the prevention and management of conflicts in various sectors of society.

Specifically, a reflection will be made about mediation as an instrument of crime prevention in police and community settings, mediation as a technique for restorative justice in judicial proceedings, or as a procedure to be assessed as a response to domestic violence.

Cooperative ways of coping with crimes committed by people with mental illness or addictions will from public health and justice systems, be also be examined as integrating  part of Therapeutic Justice.

Finally, the guidelines for best judicial practice regarding the care of groups that are needed of special protection such as minors will be objet of attention.

To achieve these objectives plenaries, which set the current state of reflection and research are combined in each of the themes chose with Workshops. These will be performed by the afternoon and will be focused on finding the way in which professionals address the issues raised by the subjects that have been addressed in the presentations and to offer innovative lines of action in future treatment.

Plenary in English

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European Conference on Restorative and Therapeutic Justice Open registration and programme available

The European Conference on Restorative Justice and Therapeutics will be held in Donostia-San Sebastian on 16, 17 and 18 June 2016, organized by GEMME and the IVAC.


The conference consists of several plenary sessions, workshops and presentations of papers. A gala dinner will be held on Friday June 17 at the Miramar Palace to complete the schedule.

The program is available




The registration period is already open. There is an interesting reduction in the price if the registration is formalized before next February 19.

Since the Conference takes place in the framework of the Summer Courses of the UPV it is necessary to register for attendance at the website of the Foundation Summer Courses UPV / EHV through the following link:

After completing the registration data you can access the registration page of the European Conference of Restorative and Therapeutic Justice as well as the details and conditions for registration.

 Proposals for Papers and Workshops

You can make proposals to participate in the conference with workshops.

See the rules:

If you want to participate in the conference with papers:

More information

The Conference has its own website ( where you can find more detailed information.

You can also visit the website of the Territorial Delegation of the Basque Country of GEMME (Https://

For further information or any questions you can contact the following email:



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